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We eliminate all the distractions of the everyday life. You can focus exclusively on one thing - learning a new technology.

From the sunrise to the sunset you will learn the best practices from the super-skilled trainers. Your knowledge will sky-rocket.

We believe that you will learn in a week much more than in months of self-study.

To say that I enjoyed the week, would be an understatement. It will go down in history. To be able to join with 19 other code lovers from around the world to learn & improve our skills, is a lifetime event.

Stew West

Front-end developer, Amazee Labs

Why Las Palmas?

The goal of going to the remote destination far away from your daily grind is to remove the distractions of everyday life. It's amazing how much faster you progress when you are doing only one thing at a time.

Surrounded by top trainers and like-minded people you will find the motivation needed to progress quicker.

We will work hard during the day, but there will be plenty of opportunities to relax, explore the neighbourhood or socialise with others in the evenings.

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