React in Flip Flops

27 Feb-4 Mar, 2017, Las Palmas, Spain

  • The first ever React in Flip Flops coding bootcamp is over but we are going to Las Palmas again. The new React in Flip Flops camps will visit the island in October this year.
    • During the last React in Flip Flops, we spent an amazing week with Max Stoiber, creator of react-boilerplate, styled-components and co-founder of Spectrum chat and Nik Graf — a ReactVR expert, co-creator of DraftJS plugins and polished and a group of fantastic web developers from all over Europe and from South Africa.
    • You can check the Video and Photos from the first React in Flip Flops coding bootcamp.
    • And learn how the bootcamp helped the Amazee Labs team to learn React quicker — <REACT INFLIPFLOPS= ”BOOTCAMP” />.

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