Meteor in flip flops was a rocket launcher for my skills! I quickly learned how to work in a team and wrapped my mind around the new stack.

Xavier Cazalot

Full-stack developer, OK GROW!

Meteor in Flip Flops

5-11 Mar, 2017, Las Palmas, Spain

Although Meteor in Flip Flops is over, we are going to Las Palmas again in June. The new React in Flip Flops coding bootcamps will visit Gran Canaria in October.

At Meteor in Flip Flops we had a blast with trainers from Q42 — Jaap Mengers and Jasper Haggenburg, Xavier Cazalot from OK GROW! and a brilliant group of web developers from all over Europe and Canada.

This year my dream came true — Sacha Greif, an author of "Discover Meteor" and creator of Vulcan.js joined the bootcamp as a mentor!

If you are interested here is the full story — "How to learn Meteor and Apollo quicker and make friends".

You can also check the Video and Photos from the last Meteor in Flip Flops coding bootcamp.

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