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12-17 Mar, 2018

Las Palmas

Master Angular in 6 days

The Angular in Flip Flops is a hands-on, intensive, 6-day training program for intermediate Angular developers. After a week of lectures and coding labs, you will move to the next level in Angular.

Instead of spending months to assimilate the knowledge from random sources — learn right things, in a right order from a team of experts that consult and train enterprise developers.

This time, Pascal Precht and Dominic Elm from thoughtram will guide you during this intense 6-day program. We believe, that you will learn much more during this week than in months of self-study.

For Your Company

For You

When your team grows, your business will grow too.

When developers learn and grow every day, they become more motivated, more productive and more independent.

In the normal scheme of things, they work hard the whole day and then spend their time with friends and family. There is not much time left for learning and self-development.

That's why we created the most developer-friendly space in Las Palmas where they can focus and learn. With all distractions taken away, they will:

  • focus - for an extended period of time - on upgrading their skills

  • learn from top class experts during lectures, coding labs and breakout sessions

  • exchange experiences and knowledge with like-minded developers from other teams

  • strengthen their team-working skills

We will take care of your developers from the moment they arrive to Las Palmas until the last day of the bootcamp. We will spend long hours working. To recharge the batteries, we'll sample local tapas in the Old Town, do some surfing or body boarding, and go hiking in the heart of the island.

Your developers will return refreshed, with loads of bright ideas and a set of new skills, ready to use the newly-acquired know-how in your company's next project.

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The concept of intensively studying programming in such a relaxing environment is amazing - I learnt what would have taken me weeks and months to figure out here in one week. I had an absolutely wonderful yet productive time at the bootcamp!

Susanna Wong

Front-end developer

Join Angular in Flip Flops

12-17 Mar, 2018 — Las Palmas — EUR 1690





  • Hiking to the heart of the island
  • Visit to the Maspalomas sand dunes
  • Evening ES6 refresher (optional)
  • Welcome eveninig



  • Observer, Observable, Subject
  • Observables vs. Promises
  • Lettable Operators
  • How to build an instant search using Angular and RxJS
  • Higher Order Observables
  • Hot vs Cold Observables
  • Side Effects and how to avoid them
  • Composing streams
  • Surfing (optional) — late evening beginner class



  • Component-types
  • Inputs and outputs
  • Dependency Injection
  • ContentChildren and ViewChildren
  • Custom Message Bus
  • Router Lifecycle
  • Children Routes
  • Guards
  • Resolvers
  • Lazy Routes — lazy loading NgModules



  • What is state management and why do we need it
  • Redux core concepts and principles
  • Implement redux from scratch
  • Implement reducers
  • Combining reducers
  • Middleware
  • Learn about ngrx and how it is different from redux
  • Selecting data from the store
  • Dispatching actions
  • How to tackle deep linking
  • Introduction to memoization
  • Selector composition
  • ngrx/Effects for async operations
  • Facade pattern
  • Debugging techniques
  • Surfing (optional) — late evening beginner class



  • Setup testing environment
  • Testing classes
  • Testing Inputs/Outputs
  • Services Testing with real backend and fake backend
  • Shallow component test
  • Test components with routing dependencies
  • Integration test
  • Custom matcher
  • Mocking
  • How to work with spys
  • Creating shared modules
  • Tapas night (optional) — night visit to the Old Town (Vegueta)

Friday - Saturday


  • Create teams of 2-3 ppl.
  • Implement a set of user stories
  • Strengthen your team-working skills
  • Saturday evening — Presentations 🚀
  • Friday late evening — Surfing (optional) beginner class
  • Saturday night — Farewell evening


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    Pascal Precht

    Google Developer Expert, thoughtram

    Pascal is a front-end engineer, Angular 2 contributor and part of Angular 2 Docs Authoring team, creator of the popular angular-translate module and a co-founder of an Angular training company thoughtram.

    He likes to travel the world and speak at the countless conferences and meetups.

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    Dominic Elm

    Trainer, thoughtram

    Angular trainer at thoughtram and co-founder of

    Dominic is passionate about Angular, reactive programming and artificial intelligence. He enjoys also sharing his knowledge with others at Angular conferences.

Las Palmas, Spain

With plenty of accommodation, a bunch of coworking spaces with fast WiFi, amazing beaches, excellent surf conditions, and a mild climate, why wouldn’t we want to have a coding bootcamp in Las Palmas?

According to Weatherwise, Las Palmas has some of the world’s best weather with plenty of sunshine, and mild temperatures. The city also has a significant lack of tourist compared to the south of the island.

Soppa de Azul

Soppa de Azul is different from any other co-working spaces. It is a magical place and and an art gallery full of sculptures and paintings. This is where we are spending most of the day learning to code!

This unique space for creative people is located just 200m from the beach front, shops, a food market and restaurants. It offers not only desks to get your work done but also lecture room. Alecs, the owner, is a fascinating person, a painter and an entrepreneur - extremely helpful and responsive.


12-17 Mar, 2018 — Las Palmas — EUR 1690



What will a typical day look like?

We'll meet at 8:45am to grab a cup of coffee and the class starts at 9:00am. We'll cover 2 topics before lunch and then cover another one or two in the evenining depending if it's a day with a longer break or not. Each topic will consists of the 30 minutes long lecture and a following coding lab, when you will put into practice what you've learned. Instructors will assist you if you get stuck and will help you to move forward with the project.

What's included in the price?

By booking the camp you get:

  • 6 days of classes led by one or two experienced instructors
  • co-working space access from 9am till 9pm
  • hiking trip to the heart of the island + the visit to the sandy dunes — Sunday before the camp start
  • 3 surfing classes (subject to weather conditions)
  • tapas night in the Old Town (optional)
  • free welcome (Sunday evening) and farewell drinks (Saturday evening)

When should I arrive?

Although the bootcamp starts on Monday, you may arrive already on Saturday if you want to join the hiking trip to the heart of the island and visit the Maspalomas' sand dunes. It's completely valuntary but the stunning interior of the island is a must to see. Check out this video.

Is the accommodation inluded?

We don't offer accommodation. Everybody has different expectations when it comes to sleeping arrangements. You can find a lot hotels, hostels and airbnbs on the Las Canteras beach front or a few hundred meters away from it. After booking the course, you will get invited to our Slack channel, where you can find a room-mate if you prefer to share an appartment.

Do I need a visa?

Gran Canaria is part of Spain and travellers from the EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein do not need a visa to visit, but do require a valid ID card or passport for travel purposes. A Schengen Visa is required for various other countries.

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