Why should you send your web developers to the Codecamp?

Maciej Nowakowski

17 May, 2019

So you have been approached by your web developer, who got excited about Codecamps? And sending him or her for 7 days to Las Palmas sounds like a one-week holiday? I guarantee you it's not.

What are Codecamps?

Codecamps are a one-week intense hands-on coding bootcamps that will move your developers to the next level in a week. We will spend 6 days learning the best practices in the friendly environment that encourages a total focus on just one thing — learning new skills. Your developers will learn from our top trainers that teach enterprise customers.

Here are the benefits for you:

  • In only one week we will train your developers the best practices, so they will be able to jump head-first into the projects when they come back. You will save money and time on bug fixes and code refactoring later on. Here is a great article about how Amazee Labs team benefited from attending Codecamps,
  • They will get practical skills and hands-on experience that will allow them to use newly acquired knowledge in their day-to-day job,
  • They will spend on average 10 hours every day, learning and building,
  • If you decide to send a team of developers to the bootcamp, they will also vastly improve their teamworking skills through learning, coding and living together over the course of 7 days

What our students think?

Interview with Florian Ehmke, Hamburger Berater Team

Interview with João Castro, Leaseweb

Interview with Roel Hof, Portbase

Why a training in a remote location is much better than a regular training

Interview with trainers - Pascal Precht and Dominic Elm

Why is it in a remote destination?

Your developers live in a world of information overload. On top of that, they have their daily affairs, chit-chats, phone-calls, meetings and emails. Their everyday environment dramatically decreases their ability to concentrate and reduces their efficiency.

By leaving all the distractions behind, they will be able to focus exclusively on learning. They will be immersed in coding for 6 days, surrounded by like-minded people and experts that will motivate them to progress. According to APA focusing on more than one thing at a time reduces the productivity as much as 40%.

Why does it take the whole week?

Our goal is not only to put your developer through a set of presentations but to teach them practical skills. That is why in the presentations are interlaced with hands-on coding labs. This is when your developer will build an application alongside with our trainers.

According to participants from previous bootcamps, one week is an optimal period to learn a new technology. It is long enough to ask all the questions and reflect on what you have just learned but not too long to completely drain your energy.

What do students think of Codecamps?

Stew West, Amazee Labs: "To say that I enjoyed the week would be an understatement. It will go down in history. To be able to join with 19 other code lovers from around the world to learn & improve our skills is a lifetime event."

Susanna Wong, Front-end developer: "The concept of intensively studying programming in such a relaxing environment is amazing - I learnt what would have taken me weeks and months to figure out here in one week. I had an absolutely wonderful yet productive time at the Angular in Bootcamp!"

Ildiko Toth, Front-end developer at Sainsbury's: "That week was more than a course to me. That week gave me back my self-confidence!"

Remo Vetere, Full-stack developer, Axel Springer AG: "Presentations were well organised and the labs with the unit-tests was an awesome idea. The place was perfect and people were great."

Where can I read about previous bootcamps?

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