10-15 December 2018, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

React in Flip Flops

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Price: EUR 1690 | *Only 20 spots available.

Master React in 6 days

React in Flip Flops is a knowledge-and-action-packed training course. Here, you and your team will learn more in a week than in months of self-study.

But don't take my word for it. See what previous bootcamp participants have to say about their experience:

Our format: 4 days of training and 2 days of hacking and building projects.

Over the first 4 days you will learn the best practices for building web applications with React in a series of presentations and coding labs.

The last two days will be a mega-hackathon. Working in teams, you will apply newly aquired knowledge to build a fully-fledged React application.

The bootcamp will kick off with a trip to the heart of the Gran Canaria and the sand dunes of Maspalomas to give us a chance to get to know each other better. To recharge our batteries in the evenings, we will take surfing and yoga classes, visit the Old Town for a tapas night and chill out together at the beach-front restaurants.

You will be surrounded by like-minded people and world-class experts who will always be there for you to help whenever you get stuck. Our bootcamp is a unique opportunity for you to focus on learning, make friendships that will last well beyond the bootcamp, and move your knowledge to the next level.

If you are new to React why don't you start with our free online course, that will teach you how to build a React application from scratch 👇👇👇

For Your Company

For You

Bring your team up to speed with a new stack

We created the most developer-friendly space in Las Palmas where your team can focus, learn and strengthen the team. With all distractions taken away, they will:

  • Focus - for an extended period of time - on upgrading their skills

  • Learn from top class experts during lectures, coding labs and breakout sessions

  • Exchange experiences and knowledge with developers from other companies

  • Strengthen their team-working skills

We will take care of your developers from the moment they arrive to Las Palmas until the last day of the bootcamp. We will spend long hours working. To recharge the batteries, we'll sample local tapas in the Old Town, do some surfing or body boarding, and go hiking in the heart of the island.

Your developers will return refreshed, with loads of bright ideas and a set of new skills, ready to use the newly-acquired know-how in your company's next project.

To me this is the most effective way of learning, by focusing 100% on React, combining training with practical implementation and a final project to combine all the new knowledge!!!

Fernando Avendano

Full-stack developer, Blå Tornet

What our students are saying




  • Hiking to The Heart of The Island and Visit to Maspalomas Sand Dunes
  • Evening ES6 Refresher
  • Setting up The Environment - Node, React, ESLint, Prettier, Editor
  • Welcome evening



  • Functional and Class Components
  • React Props and State and One-way Data Binding
  • Application Structure
  • The Imperative to Declarative Shift
  • Events in React
  • Lifecycle Methods
  • Surfing (optional) — late evening beginner class



  • Styling
  • Styled Components and Theming
  • Data Fetching and Data Management
  • React Router
  • Managing Forms in React
  • Yoga (optional) — late evening class



  • Advanced React Patterns
  • Render Props
  • Context API
  • Higher Order Components
  • Types in React - PropTypes, Flow, TypeScript
  • Surfing (optional) — late evening beginner class



  • Introduction to Redux
  • Redux Store, Reducers, Actions,
  • Connecting Redux to React Application
  • Data Handling with Redux
  • Time Traveling with Redux Developer Tools
  • Redux Middleware and Thunks
  • Tapas night (optional) — night visit to the Old Town (Vegueta)

Fri - Sat


  • Create teams of 2-3 ppl.
  • Hackathon - Build an App from Scratch
  • Strengthen your team-working skills
  • Saturday evening — Presentations 🚀
  • Saturday late evening — Surfing (optional) beginner class
  • Saturday night — Farewell evening


  • Nik Graf

    Nik Graf

    Lead Front-end Developer, Serverless

    @nikgraf ‏

    Nik worked for many years as a lead front-end developer at US startup Serverless.

    He loves to share his knowledge about React and ReasonML at conferences and countless meetups.

    Nik co-created many open-source projects, including DraftJS Plugins, Carte Blanche, styled-components and polished.

    In his free time he runs the React Vienna Meetup and is a Mentor at 5stars in Vienna's Premier Incubator for early-stage startups.

  • Maciej Nowakowski

    Maciej Nowakowski

    Founder, Codecamps

    @nowakowskipl / codecampshq

    Maciej founded Codecamps to help web developers move to the next level in their favourite technologies quickly.

    He believes that the best way to learn is to focus on one thing at time in a distraction-free setup.

    He is passionate about React, GraphQL and Gatsby.

Las Palmas, Spain

With plenty of accommodation, a bunch of coworking spaces with fast WiFi, amazing beaches, excellent surf conditions, and a mild climate, why wouldn’t we want to have a coding bootcamp in Las Palmas?

According to Weatherwise, Las Palmas has some of the world’s best weather with plenty of sunshine, and mild temperatures. The city also has a significant lack of tourist compared to the south of the island.

Soppa de Azul

Soppa de Azul is different from any other co-working spaces. It is a magical place and an art gallery full of sculptures and paintings. This is where we are spending most of the day learning to code!

This unique space for creative people is located just 200m from the beach front, shops, a food market and restaurants. It offers not only desks to get your work done but also lecture room. Alecs, the owner, is a fascinating person, a painter and an entrepreneur - extremely helpful and responsive.


What will a typical day look like?

We'll meet at 8:45am to grab a cup of coffee and the class starts at 9:00am. We'll cover 2 topics before lunch and then cover another one or two in the evenining depending if it's a day with a longer break or not. Each topic will consists of the lecture and a following coding lab, when you will put into practice what you've learned. Instructors will assist you if you get stuck and will help you to move forward with the project.

What's included in the price?

By booking the camp you get:

  • 6 days of classes
  • co-working space access from 9am till 9pm
  • hiking trip to the heart of the island + the visit to the sandy dunes — Sunday before the camp start
  • 3 surfing classes (subject to weather conditions)
  • 1 yoga class (optional)
  • tapas night in the Old Town (optional)

When should I arrive?

Although the bootcamp starts on Monday, you may arrive already on Saturday if you want to join the hiking trip to the heart of the island and visit the Maspalomas' sand dunes. It's completely valuntary but the stunning interior of the island is a must-see. Check the video from our last trip..

Is the accommodation included?

We don't offer accommodation. Everybody has different expectations when it comes to sleeping arrangements. You can find a lot hotels, hostels and airbnbs on the Las Canteras beach front or a few hundred meters away from it. After booking the course, you will get invited to our Slack channel, where you can find a room-mate if you prefer to share an appartment.

Do I need a visa?

Gran Canaria is part of Spain and travellers from the EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein do not need a visa to visit, but do require a valid ID card or passport for travel purposes. A Schengen Visa is required for various other countries.

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